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    Rebecca Jones, LPC, NCC

    Owner & Clinical Director

    It takes courage to share your story and trust a professional to help guide you through a process of growth and healing. Nothing feels more rewarding to me than being a part of an individual’s mental wellness journey. Through authenticity, compassion, honesty, and humor I create a safe space for you to just be you.

    Megan McCormack, LPC, ESMHL

    Counselor and Equine Therapist

    I believe we are all navigating our life’s story in our own way and my goal is to walk alongside you as you work to create your most ideal, authentic self. Maybe you need someone to empower you, help you break negative cycles, or process past experiences. You are worth taking the first step towards your own healing and it is an honor for me to play a role in guiding you on your journey.

    Maureen Kelleher, ATR, LPC

    Counselor & Art Therapist

    Finding clarity and connection starts with integrating our worth and our values into our everyday choices. Life’s challenges, however, can hinder communication, impact our ability to maintain healthy boundaries, and limit enriching engagement. I am honored to help you harness your unique constellation of strengths to connect with your best self and start showing up authentically in your relationships.

    Charlotta Crews LPC, NCC

    Counselor & Trauma Therapist

    There are moments in life where regardless of if we were longing for change, or if it suddenly knocked on our door uninvited, we are thrust into a season of self-examination. The rules that once shaped how you saw yourself, others, and the world around you all suddenly appear to be irrelevant, and the path ahead, uncertain.

    Katie Wendell, NCC

    Resident in Counseling

    I believe that you are the author of your own story, perhaps a story which you are still searching for. My role is to assist you in bringing this story into awareness and support you as you write the next chapter, allowing you to step into your full potential as your most authentic self.

    Madison Prather

    Administrative Intern

    Madison is a current undergraduate Psychology student at Norfolk State University. Madison has been with the Passionately Living team since the very start! Her primary role at Passionately Living is in content creation and social media management. Madison hopes to pursue a master’s degree in School Counseling following graduation. When Madison is not busy creating beautiful content for our clients and social media followers you can find her getting her nails done & investing in all the good self-care!


    Therapy Dog-in-Training

    Lincoln is a 7-year-old Fox Red Labrador Retriever and is currently in the process of completing his training as a therapy dog. He enjoys long walks, giving kisses, cuddles, and supporting those who are navigating through life’s challenges. Lincoln looks forward to spending time with clients who are interested in adding animal interactions to their Passionately Living experience.


    Therapy Horse-in-Training

    Salvo is a 9-year-old retired racehorse who currently resides in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach. Like his brother Lincoln, Salvo is new to the helping profession and is still in the learning process. He enjoys eating carrots, swimming in the pond, and supporting clients who are interested in developing healthier boundaries. He looks forward to meeting you!

    Four Settings Available for Services