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    Relationship Consultation

    Do you enjoy learning skills to improve your overall wellness and relationships?

    During a relationship consultation session, clients gain both knowledge and skills pertaining to communication, relationship styles, and coping patterns.

    Personal, professional, and relational growth does not always require the help of clinical therapy. Relationship consultation provides individuals, couples, and families with information and tools to improve interpersonal communication and relationships in their lives. Clients are given the opportunity to learn about relationship dynamics, problem-solving strategies, coping and communication skills, and various mental wellness topics that align with their needs. Whether a client has been to therapy before and is now seeking a “skills tune-up” or is simply looking for education to build resilience for obstacles to come, relationship consultation is great choice to make self-guided, meaningful change.

    Relationship consultation can be done at a length and frequency that works best for you. We are happy to schedule both ongoing or one-time relationship consultation intensives (extended sessions). Please visit our intensive sessions page if you are interested in learning more about this specialized format.

    The role as a relationship consultant is not that of a professional counselor, mental health therapist or psychotherapist. Relationship consultation does not involve diagnoses or address personality, mood, or behavioral disorders. We are here to help you find the service that best suits you and your needs the best. Please explore our counseling services if you feel these may be a better fit for your needs at this time.

    Four Settings Available for Services