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    Intensive Sessions

    What if you could invest in your mental wellness without adding another weekly obligation to the calendar? 

    An intensive session or, simply put, an extended session, provides an opportunity for individuals, couples, or families to work towards their goals in a format that allows for more relational growth, healing, and learning than a traditional weekly appointment offers.

    It is normal for unexpected life stressors to pop-up in between sessions. Having extended time frees you from those interferences, allowing more space to process deeper concerns and target long-term goals. Intensive sessions are a great kick-start for individuals or couples eager to begin making progress. Currently our most popular intensives are weekend marriage intensives, full-day premarital intensives, and EMDR intensives.

    Our EMDR intensives are a great option for those already established with a primary therapist but would benefit from EMDR to optimize their treatment results.

    Intensive sessions are designed to feel like a retreat. Intensive counseling or consultation appointments offer extended breaks, refreshments, experiential activities, and the option to enjoy all our indoor and outdoor settings in one day or weekend.

    Intensive sessions are a great option for those who…

    • Have a limited or unique schedule
    • Reside outside of Hampton Roads
    • Are seeking more immediate support
    • Recently experienced an acute relational or personal trauma
    • Feel weekly therapy is not effectively meeting their needs
    • Already have an established therapist but need EMDR
    • Feel overwhelmed by consistent weekly appointments

    Benefits of intensives in conjunction with our services:

    • Deeper process for faster results
    • Fully customized in your chosen setting(s)
    • A more comfortable pace with breaks
    • Greater flexibility in content and delivery
    • Workbooks and customized take-home materials
    • Recommended local amenities & attractions

    We recognize that scheduling an intensive session is an investment. We want you to feel as supported as possible throughout the planning process. Please Connect with us if you are ready to reserve your date or have any additional questions. Once your date is reserved, we are happy to assist as you plan your stay to ensure your intensive feels like a refreshing getaway.

    Please note that depending on your unique needs and goals, ongoing counseling or consultation may be recommended to further the success of your treatment.

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