• Maureen Kelleher, ATR, LPC

    Maybe you find yourself ready for change – a new career, college, connections – and feel stuck or stalled, uncertain of your next steps. Fear is our well-meaning but misguided protective side. Many of us hold a fear of an inherent core unworthiness.

    Fear can show up for us in different ways: frustration, irritability, anxiety, isolation, control, avoidance. Approaching our behavior and emotions with curiosity in place of judgement can reset our relationship with fear and bring us closer to our goals. I am passionate about helping people in the process of rediscovering our strengths and worthiness, finding a rhythm of ease and peace, and refusing to let ourselves down.

    I believe that through developing self-compassion we become well equipped to offer compassion to others and be the best version of ourselves in all we do.

    Finding clarity and connection starts with integrating our worth and our values into our everyday choices. Life’s challenges, however, can hinder communication, impact our ability to maintain healthy boundaries, and limit enriching engagement. I am honored to help you harness your unique constellation of strengths to connect with your best self and start showing up authentically in your relationships.

    I entered the field of psychology with a love of creative expression and commitment to learning. I am grateful to have been able to synthesize my passions through my graduate work at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

    I integrate my varied experiences to provide an interactive, engaging, lively approach to the children, adolescents, and adults I serve.

    Art therapy is more than a “tool,” but rather encompasses an overall approach to helping clients reach their goals. It provides an additional language to communicate our needs and our values while decreasing the pressure to know “what to say,” or the pain of speaking our trauma. Art therapy – regardless of “talent” – can increase insight into our behavior and emotions, deepen self-trust and confidence, and ease the awkwardness of opening in therapy sessions. The benefits of working with an art psychotherapist are present regardless of whether we ever create art together. This extends to sessions whether virtual, at the beach, or at the farm.

    As a proud dog and horse Mom, I enjoy seeking knowledge about animal behavior and communication in my spare time. I love being with my animals out in the sunshine – preferably in summer! As far as my passion for art goes, watercolor is my current favorite medium, although you can find various well-loved but misshapen glass and clay pieces I’ve crafted in my home as well.

    I believe there is much to know in the world, and I celebrate this curiosity for myself and clients. I congratulate you for taking steps towards growth and healing! I look forward to working together!

    Maureen Kelleher, ATR, LPC