• communicate, heal, connect

    Rebecca Jones, LPC, NCC

    Cultivating a healthy passion requires three key elements: time, value, and joy. I was fortunate to discover my passion for studying psychology, animals, and nature at an early age. This encouraged my lifelong dream of opening a mental health practice where healing and growth takes place within natural and unique settings.

    My desire to understand human behavior and motivation to achieve my professional dream led to many valuable experiences that have made me the clinician I am today. Working at a psychiatric hospital, developing mental wellness programs for underserved populations, and fulfilling the roles of Marketing Director and Marriage Therapist at The Relationship Center of Hampton Roads, exemplify the diversity of my professional experience.

    I believe that rigorous education and training are essential to becoming a successful mental health professional. However, I believe that the key ingredient to a therapist’s success is recognizing our need as humans to feel heard, loved, and understood. When this need is fulfilled we open the door for connection. When we are able to fully connect with other living beings we feel more secure and empowered to make meaningful changes.

    I assist my clients in pursuing lives that are authentic and support their professional, personal, and relational goals. Whether you are searching for a therapist or seeking consultation services I hope this website provides you with  the information, clarity, and services you have been looking for.

    If you have any additional questions I am happy to answer them. Please know that no question is too big or too small. I appreciate you considering Passionately Living and look forward to connecting with you!