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    Professional Consultation

    Offering Professional Consultation Services for:

    • Therapists interested in starting or growing a private practice.
    • Undergraduate students unsure of what path to take with their psychology degree after graduation.
    • Graduate students preparing for their residency
    • Clinicians interested in enhancing their clinical work through equine interactions.
    • EMDR trained clinicians looking to pursue certification.

    Psychology professions are not limited to the mental health field. However, most jobs within the psychology field require further education beyond an undergraduate degree. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by which program to pursue and how to stand out as an ideal graduate school applicant. Rebecca will provide you with education, guidance, and direct support as you determine which path to take next and how to get there.

    There is often significantly less focus on professional identity when learning to become a therapist. This creates challenges specifically for those interested in private practice. If you are a therapist interested in starting your own business or incorporating equine interactions into your work it is normal to feel lost with what steps to take first. Rebecca will explore, educate, and encourage your mind as it learns to balance the role of successful clinician and entrepreneur.

    Whether it is a one-time appointment or regularly scheduled consultation, Rebecca will provide you with support that is tailored to your needs and allows you to professionally thrive. Opportunities for extended consultation sessions on the farm are available upon request to mental health professionals interested in equine interactions.

    You deserve to feel passionate about your work.

    Please connect with us if you are interested in scheduling a professional consultation appointment or if you would like to inquire about internship opportunities.

    Four Settings Available for Services