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    In Office

    Our main office is an oasis of calm and comfort, located on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach, VA. Our building location offers easy access to nature trails connected to Pleasure House Point and the Brock Environmental Center.

    At The Beach

    Imagine a session where you could practice grounding exercises with your toes in the sand or watching the sunset with your partner as you both work to strengthen your connection. Whether walking along the shoreline or seated in comfortable chairs, the inspiring vistas of the Chesapeake Bay become part of your overall experience.

    On The Farm

    Located in the heart of Pungo in Virginia Beach, VA, Cedar Hall Farm is a tranquil and welcoming option for those wanting a more unique experience. Interacting with a horse can bring unexpected perspectives and enjoyment to your session. We also offer a traditional office at this location that overlooks the beautiful country landscape.


    A convenient option to access our services if you live further away, have a demanding schedule, or simply prefer to remain in the comfort of your home. We use a secure and confidential platform for all virtual sessions.