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    Charlotta Crews LPC, NCC

    There are moments in life where regardless of if we were longing for change, or if it suddenly knocked on our door uninvited, we are thrust into a season of self-examination. The rules that once shaped how you saw yourself, others, and the world around you all suddenly appear to be irrelevant, and the path ahead, uncertain.

    As a therapist specializing in the treatment of complex trauma, I firmly believe that these instances of upheaval in our lives are more than just “breakdowns.” With effective clinical guidance and support, they are opportunities for “breakthroughs.” My passion for high quality client centered care drives me to continuously research and incorporate innovative techniques in the field of counseling to create a refreshing therapeutic space for you to unpack.

    My varied previous professional experiences include practicing as an in-home behavior support consultant for challenged youth in San Diego, CA; working across varying levels of acuity at an inpatient psychiatric facility in Virginia Beach, VA; and most recently, continuing to expand my clinical skill set by working with individuals, families, and couples in a community outpatient mental health setting in Chesapeake, VA.

    I specialize in EMDR [Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing] for the treatment of complex trauma, and other comorbid conditions such as OCD, anxiety, or depression.

    As a trauma-informed clinician, I strive to enter the therapy space with a careful balance of warmth and honesty. As a mother of two young children, I also bring a good wry sense of humor. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. I would love to chat with you and connect before your first appointment.