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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you accept any kind of health insurance?

    We don’t accept health insurance for any service at Passionately Living. If you are receiving therapy and want to initiate a reimbursement process through your own insurance company, you are welcome to do so and we will provide you with the needed documentation. We can’t guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you as all plans are different. You are welcome to use an HSA card to pay for therapy services.

    How do I know if therapy (counseling) or relationship consultation is the better fit for me?

    Therapy is the best choice when you want to work on deeper and more complex life issues. Therapy may involve receiving a diagnosis and addresses personality, mood, and behavioral disorders. Therapy is an important healthcare service to address your mental health needs with a licensed provider. Please note that therapy is only available to residents in the state of Virginia.

    Relationship consultation is a great choice if you want to focus on building resilience, make improvements to relationships, or if you simply feel unsure about therapy. Relationship consultation is filled with information, tools, and advice for you to thrive in the relationships that matter most to you, including the relationship with yourself. Relationship consultation is available no matter where you live.

    We are here to help you find the service that will suit you best.

    If you recommend that I do an intensive, does that mean you think I’m extra broken?

    Not at all! In fact, many find that an intensive, or simply extended time, such as a half day, full day, or a two-day weekend, is a practical way to meet your needs. Intensives allow you to address more topics than in a session of more typical length, and to kick-start your process with a pace and flow that doesn’t feel rushed. An intensive format is a great choice for all our services.

    I’m afraid that an intensive will feel overwhelming to me, will it?

    Intensives, or extended sessions, allows you to work at a pace comfortable to you, including customized breaks, while still getting to address the topics you want. All of our services can be done as extended sessions, such as half-day, full-day, or two-day weekend. We recommend lunch and dinner options that suit your diet and provide refreshments throughout your experience. All our relationship health, mental health, and wellness services are tailored to your needs and your pace in an emotionally safe environment.

    If I do an intensive, can I still become a weekly or regular client?

    Absolutely! Many coming to Passionately Living benefit from starting their experience with an intensive (an extended session). This allows you to dive deeper into what you want to accomplish and provides a great foundation for regularly scheduled sessions. Your provider will be happy to help you find a service and frequency that will work best for your needs.

    What if I want to start with you but my partner doesn’t?

    It is not uncommon for couples to have different feelings about therapy or relationship consultation. We have a range of options for relationship health, mental health, and wellness. Oftentimes, an initial consult will help couples decide what will suit them best. If your partner is not at a place to come with you and you are ready for change, we offer all our services in an individual format, as well.

    What if we are coming to you and are not sure if we want to stay together?

    It is absolutely normal to wonder if you should stay  in a relationship or not. If you are unsure if staying together is best for you, or if you are a couple considering ending your relationship, we offer discernment counseling. This is a great way to start the journey of a very important decision together with a professional. If you do choose to stay together, we offer couples therapy to help you heal and show love for each other after a difficult time.